Best places to hangout at night in Ottawa, Canada

Whether it’s summer or winter in Canada, one place where you can have all the fun is Ottawa Best place to plan a trip for your next long weekend. Ottawa has a lot to offer when it comes having fun with your besties. There are varieties of pubs and bars where you can enjoy the best cocktails with some music and dance. Let me show you which places I chose for bar hopping night.

1) Lil Z’s Pizza

This pizza place is located in Downtown, Ottawa where you can try red or white pizza with your choice of toppings and sauces. I would recommend trying the one available on their menu to experience the best of it. Also, the cheesy garlic bread is a must try with their signature marinara sauce. We visited this place to have some snacks and drinks in the evening and also the next day we were back there for our lunch. This place has a nice bar area set up where you can enjoy your drinks on high chairs with some sports and tv shows or you can sit on the diner tables.

If you want to have some food and you can’t decide where to go, then this is the place.

2. The Rainbow Bistro

This place is perfect when you don’t want to go to clubs but want to stand and enjoy the music. The Rainbow Bistro offers live blues music and cocktails. It has been the host for many North American music artists. The music was to die for. We enjoy some cocktail drinks and listened to the live band ,we couldn’t keep our feet still. The vibe of the place was amazing with all ages of people visiting this place. You can stand and enjoy your drinks with live music or some high chairs and stools were available. I can say that this was the best place of that night.

3. The Lookout Bar

If it’s late at night and you want to have some good entertainment this is a place. It’s a lively gay bar where you can enjoy regular drag shows and clubbing. We didn’t know the place but once we entered there it was so much fun. We enjoyed the drag show first and after 11 pm they convert the place into clubbing. I would suggest keeping some cash as sometimes they only accept cash.

If you visit any of the above places, let me know in the comments about your experience.

Thank you.


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