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Is it just about getting a hair color or getting a whole new “you” ?

Hello to all the lovely people out there,

I want to share my experience about going from black hair to blonde hair.

Getting a hair color is what every girl wants, but not all of them could make it. Because we are always stuck with other’s judgements. Even me, too. I have been thinking since one year that I should get something different done to my hair. But I went on thinking. One day I was like , whatever happens later, but now I will go for it.

Well, I know hair color damages the hair and all , but would you care about it when you would be sitting at the porch with grey hair on your head or may be no hair at all. I would be buying a wig then ( i really want to use the laughing emoji here).

I love my hair and all of the people I have met till now loves their hair. But honestly tell me why getting a hair cut or hair color or a new hairstyle gives a different confidence to you. I think people should change their hair or hairstyles every year. At least we can renew ourselves by that.

So i went to the salon and it took almost 5 hours to finish the whole process. Getting rid of that dark black hair was not easy at all. When the whole process finished , I was so tired that I couldn’t judge my own hair, I was speechless when I saw myself in the mirror. Let me tell you i wasn’t expecting that at all. I should be so excited at that time, but it didn’t happen. There were a lot of blonde spread in all of my hair. I couldn’t accept it immediately. I thought I fucked up myself, I was about to cry because of just one thought ” what will everyone think “. This was just not a change but a very big change for person like me who is so much concerned about her own look. It’s not a big thing that I have achieved in my life I know, but how important is your hair for you ? No matter how many times I say I don’t care, but you can never run away from people. So I didn’t know if I should thank my hair dresser or ask him that is it what we wanted to do. The journey from the salon to my house made me more nervous. The hair were perfectly styled and when I entered inside my home, two of my very close friends were their to give their opinion and more of that I wanted their opinion. They were in shock or surprised , I don’t know. They couldn’t accept the change at that moment then , think about me! They said it seems like a whole new person is in the house , where is Anjali?

Well, even if I was sad , I had to take some nice pictures for Instagram to do #gotnewhaircolor. I was waiting for Pranav to come home and see me. He would be the one whose opinion would really affect me. So he came home and saw me, he didn’t even gave me a shocking look for even a one second and he right-away accepted this damn change. In fact he loved it, he was so happy to see me in this hair. I was like ” what the fuck man! I can’t understand man.” He loved it and at that time it was more than enough for me. He said” It is looking so much better than the black hair.” Here came my confidence booster. The opinion of the one whom you love the most.

Few days later, who was the most confident and feeling beautiful with this drastic change? It was me. So, big changes take a little time to get used to. But this was the best change, I could ever ask for my look. I love my hair now and may be i would never do whole black hair look again and That’s completely fine. Trust me I have heard so many negative comments about my hair, too. But once you accept it nobody’s opinion matters. Other’s opinions matter when you are not sure or when you have some doubt about it, but when you are confident enough then who cares what other people think.

You are you , but you can change yourself the way you want. Changes are important in life, if you are living a life without any changes then you are living a life of a machine. You are a living thing who should have changes everyday, every month and every year. Even a small change would bring something different to your day, so stop being afraid of this changes. Just give it a try. You have nothing to lose. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an outer or inner change but any new thing different than regular: keeps you alive and living.

If just changing your hair gives you a whole new look then what if you change your rigid mindsets and set your thoughts free! What if you color your mind and blow dry your thoughts?

Would it give the world a whole new you ! ?


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