“Beach Day”

Who doesn’t love the sea and the waves…. I wanted to create a small portion of my home where I could just sit and look at those waves and get lost in it. This painting makes me so calm and relaxed.

Again I have used here 24*36 inch canvas with acrylic paints. There is a time lapse of this work which I have uploaded on Instagram. Click here to watch the video . “Beach Day”

First thing is to create a base by choosing your sand and water colour. I have almost created half sand and half water. Next thing is to start creating waves by taking white colour on rough brush. Specially for waves don’t use very well defined brush because the waves have to be messy and scattered. I have used a brush as in the picture below. This brush is so useful when you want to paint which doesn’t have specific boundaries.

For waves I have to go in layers as one layer wouldn’t finish the job. So create first layer then again with blues and brown add more effects to sand and water. Then again start with white colour for waves. This process has to done several times to show a perfect depth of waves. Use darker blues for edges of waves this would give them a realistic effect.

This painting is a top view of the sea side and I wanted to create minimalist painting for this by using minimum variations of colours.


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