A weekend trip to Montreal, Canada

Planning a trip is not at all a small task and it gets harder when you are going with your whole gang. Since this last winter i wanted to go to Montreal and Quebec City, but as it is little far from Toronto, we were waiting for the right time. Who doesn’t know that there is no best time other than the summer in Canada. In this busy schedule where everyday you are going to 9 to 5 job, it is tough to take an extra day off, so we all decided to go on the Canada Day long weekend.

How did we get to the Montreal?

We left Toronto on Saturday early morning at 6 o’clock. We were in total 7 people, so we rented a big car in which we all can fit in comfortably. We reached to Montreal around 12 o’clock. If you are going from Toronto , then trust me a car is the best option to enjoy the journey with your loved once.

As winters would be too cold to go to Montreal, the best time would be the summer to enjoy the patio restaurants and to walk around the city to explore a day and night life of Montreal. Of course the language would be a little problem sometimes being a traveler, as most of the people speak French. We were having one friend with us who joined us in Montreal and could speak French, so it was really helpful for us as everything was written in French, even the signs on the road. One of us also was having an application in the phone which directly convert French into English from camera. That is a bit of a useful technology to use while traveling.

Where to stay?

Booking place in your budget is bit tough if you plan on last minute. Try to book it as early as possible. We were 8 people together so rather that booking separate room in Hotel , we preferred to book a four bedroom apartment by AIRBNB. It is a good way to enjoy and stay together as we all were at the same place it is more fun and cheaper, too. We booked our place in the old downtown area in between old narrow streets of Montreal.

The food i tried in Montreal

We first went to Lola Rosa, where we tried delicious burrito and Lola’s nachos. If you want to try a burrito with little bit of spicy flavors then you should definitely try this place. The other place we tried is Le Super Qualite, it is a snack bar with all Indian menu. The interior of this bar is fully old Indian style and the taste of ” Chai” was amazing. If you want to have mid-day or evening snack, this is the best option.

Montreal is a combination of North America and Europe culture, which you can feel by the design of the structures and the layout of the streets. Hanging around the streets by walking would be the best idea if you want to enjoy the air of downtown or i have also seen another option and that is you could rent a bicycle there. It would be available on almost every street of downtown. I think that something which is different than your own city where you live, inspires you to explore more.

We visited Mount Royal in the late evening , as it was a summer so even in the late evening you can see the sun. As the sunsets are late in Canada in summer time. Parking is available near by the trail entrance which can lead you to the lookout point. It is a bit of walking so one should wear comfortable footwear. The view of the whole city is mesmerizing from there. Of course a very good place to click some pictures with your loved once and keep it as a memory.

This was all about the one day as the next day we spent in the Old Quebec City. For this please checkout my blog about the visit to The Old Quebec City. After coming from there it was a last night for us to be in Montreal and we were not going to waste it by not going out. It was a time to explore the night life of Montreal. Everybody got dressed up very nice and it was a night to get drunk and just enjoy.

There are so many night clubs, bars and pubs in the downtown area, but you should select it carefully as you would not like some of them, so i would suggest to go according your taste and better to search it and see the reviews on internet and then book it. Carry some cash for clubbing and start by wandering on the streets, get some drunk and then go to the club. Don’t just go for one club, try different clubs in one night that would be more fun. If you just want to do some chilling and relax , going to bar or pub is the best idea.

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