Tobermory, Canada

It’s a summer time …..

We decided to go on a one day trip to Tobermory, Ontario. It was a beautiful sunny day but while we were on our way from Toronto to Tobermory it was raining so hard. As we reached to our destination the weather was pretty amazing just as the view.

We just had a one day so we managed to see few places. First, we went to Big Tub Lighthouse. It is a historical place as the lighthouse was built in 1885. The lighthouse has its own amazing view with water shore.

Then we wanted to go to the flower pot island but it was little late for that, we had to go by a ferry to reach there. The last ferry had already left so…

But you could never had enough of Tobermory as it has too many places to be at. So then we headed towards Fathom Five National Marine Park.
This is a fresh water ecosystem which is formatted from ancient rocks. It is an amazing place where you can chill or do some activities like hiking, cycling, fishing etc. We spent our most of the time in the trail which led us to the shore.

As we left from there it was already getting dark. We wanted to have something to eat as it would take 4 hours to reach to Toronto. So we had some snacks and beer in a patio restaurant. Then we were done for the day and we were on our way to get home.

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