Looking for a perfect partner?

Nobody is perfect in this world but your partner can be. Because it’s just you who is going to decide whether someone is perfect for you or not..

Beauty , Money , Fame, Education … everything is just a lie. Who said you have to match all these things to get a perfect life partner. The one and only thing you should match with someone is your vibe. When I was looking for that true love for me I had my own criteria but when met that someone special … that list of criteria didn’t even come in my mind…

When two people love each other there is an invisible force which binds them together. All the flows and imperfections fades away. A new life begins which is completely different from which you had before. Now in every thing you do , there would be two views on that.

When you feel love, calmness and independence even while living with your partner – that is your kind of perfect.


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