My hair care secrets

Who doesn’t like long, shiny and healthy hair? In this blog i am going to tell you the hair care procedure which i follow to keep my hair long and healthy.

My hair are a combo of wavy and curls. I have a dark brown hair and of course i have changed my hair colors so many times but right now i have my original hair color with little bit of blond ombre ends as blond hair color never leaves you. My front hair roots are very curly and i do go for permanent straightening just for my front annoying and curly hair. Otherwise i like my messy wavy hairs.

Everyone has a different hair care and hair styling routine. The one who has found what’s best for their hair are lucky once. Since last month i was always just trimming my hair by myself as i had a very long hair and i wanted to keep it like that. Going to hair salon for haircut obviously makes your hair shorter and i would advise that if you really want to keep it longer try to cut it by yourself.

I had a haircut just before one month and it was a big satisfaction for me ; i found best hair salon for my hair here in Toronto. I have a layered hair cut and also of medium length (for me not too long as before). As on one point everyone would like to have changes with their hair. And honestly now i am not afraid to get a hair cut again.

So , let me tell you that with Indian hair you can not deny the use of hair oil. I always use hair oil before washing them and in this busy schedule i could not leave the oily hair for the whole night, so i just wash my hair in half or one hour after applying hair oil. I personally like to use Parachute coconut hot oil, L’oreal Mythic Oil and also Moroccan oil.

After hair oil, next step is hair washing and for that i am using L’oreal Professional Absolute Repair Shampoo with Absolute Repair Golden Masque. Hair washing is incomplete without a good hair masque or conditioner, so i would suggest try to invest in a good hair washing products and trust me you won’t regret it.

Now , when it comes to hair drying, i am using hair dryer every time, now this question would come in everyone’s mind:

Isn’t the hair dryer damages your hair if we use it every time?

Absolutely , it would affect your hair. Whenever we use any heating tools for hair , it damages the hair. But who have got the time to let the hair air dry? So i have found a solution for this, it might be a solution for you, too.

Here are the few steps which can make your hair as you want.

  1. Apply hair serum to wet hair just after you are finished with hair washing. Apply it from roots to tip, and little bit more for roots.
  2. Let the serum set for 3-4 minutes, then apply heat protector or use a foam or styling cream with heat protecting quality.
  3. Finally , hair are ready to blow dry. but we’re not finished here. After blow drying apply a good hair shining serum to make your hair shinier and glossier.

Following are the products which i like for this whole blow drying process.

  1. L’oreal Hair Serum: Use it according your hair concern as there are so many types of hair serum.
  2. Argon Oil : It is an affordable product and argon oil helps for split ends and protect your hair from any damage.
  3. Marc Anthony Curling Cream : Great if you want to define your curls.
  4. Moroccan Oil Treatment : For any hair type, it would make your hair stronger and shiny.
  5. Kerastase Conditioner : Best for dry hair.
  6. Ouai Hair Spray : To create wavy hair.

Apart from this, one could always try different products and make their own results , because everyone’s hair are different and if some product working good for me doesn’t mean it would work best for you. Try new products but follow the after hair washing steps and your hair would stay healthy and shiny.

I have colored my hair so many times from blond to red and changing the color always gives you a new start. Always trust a professional for doing your hair color as you don’t want to spoil your hair. After hair color make sure to keep your hair moisturized because hair color would make your hair dry. Don’t be afraid to try a new hair color and take some suggestions from your hair stylist about which color would look best for your skin tone.

After all hair care , it’s your hair : try new products , color your hair , keep it messy sometimes, try new haircut because life is too short to have a boring hair. Enjoy your best hair. Take care of your hair and your hair would take care of you.


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