Drunk and High

All about hangovers…

This one is for all the drinkers. It doesn’t matter that you are a mature drinker or an immature one, everybody gets hangover one day. The best way to avoid hangover is to drink in your limits or not to drink at all. But obviously you are reading this because you got too drunk last night. There is not just a one type of hangover which you deal with ,there are lots of different types. Hangovers are crazy and no one loves it so let’s take some steps so that we can enjoy the party and even if someone gets hangover on the next day there are the ways to prevent it.

Before Drinking …

Choose your gang wisely

It is one of the reason that sometime we drink with the wrong people and that provokes you to drink more then you should actually drink. Also you want to show off to certain people that you can drink more than your actual limits which causes the bad hangover. There are your friends who knows how much you drink every time. It can happen that they stop you before you drink too much and take care of you. So before drinking it is your choice to choose people with whom you can drink and enjoy the party without any hangover.

Eating before drinking

This factor differs from person to person. But eating too much before drinking would definitely not be a good idea.

While Drinking

Know your drinking limits

After a bit of experience everyone knows what is their actual drinking limit. One should never cross that limit otherwise the results you know. It is better to get drunk and enjoy the party rather than ruining it by vomiting and a bad hangover.

Don’t eat too much varieties of food or snacks while drinking

If you are eating snacks or a light food while drinking (biting or chakhna) then it would be a good option to stick on the one type of snack. By mixing different kind of food you are creating a bad condition for your stomach and it would be easy for you to have a hangover the next day if you drink too much.

Better to drink one type of liquor

Everyone has a different type of drinking pattern but this one works for everyone. Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Wine, Cognac;there are varieties of liquors available but the best choice would be to have one kind of drink throughout the party. But few Tequila shots as a starter won’t harm anyone!

If you have a hangover next morning then…

1. Drink more water

2. Have some light snacks

3. Choose any drinks with a more sugar content or any energy drink or juice

4. Have more sleep

5. Stay on the bed and rest

6. Lemonade with mint

So there is not a magical solution to the hangover. To cure a hangover it might take an hour or a whole day depending on the hangover intensity. But above solutions would definitely help you to cure your hangover faster.

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