About Me

When it comes to About Me , i guess we never get over the search of who we are … The meaning of life is to discover yourself and when we find the best version of ourselves that makes our life happy.

My name is Anjali Maheshwari and i am living in Toronto, Canada in a beautiful condo in the middle of a city. I am still exploring my skills and trying to make the best what i could do. This website is about everything which you would be able to relate to your life, you just have to pick up your favorite thing from the menu. I have just started it so it would take some time for me to create a specific content.

I have done my Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Masters in Water Resource Management. I am doing full time job in Property Management. But my job is so good that i could manage to have time to do other stuffs which i like , that’s what i like most about my job.

I like to live free, free from any boundaries which people have created. I am happy for who i am.

Please checkout my painting store and grab your favourite one. I am a self taught artist. I guess for expressing your artistic thought you just need a brushes and paints.