How to paint Cherry Blossoms with Acrylic Paints?🌸🌸🌸

Seeing cherry blossoms is a very joyful moment for everyone’s life. In Toronto season of cherry blossoms is early May. Let’s paint cherry blossoms together. Here is my step-by-step tutorial using acrylic paints.

  1. Prepare your Canvas and paint the sky / background.

Mix Cobalt blue with white and bit of orange to create this sky blue color. Make it as bright or dark you like. I usually don’t use water with acrylic paints.

2) Make branches of the trees using brush and knife

Using a brush make the branches of the tree and to give it more defined look , use pallete knife with different shades of brown and green. Lastly mix yellow with bit of brown and using knife create the sunlight / shadow effect. This step is very important as this would give realistic effect to those tree branches.

3) Use ear-buds to create pink cherry blossoms

This is an interesting technique to work with. Grab 5-6 ear buds together and use that to create flowers. You can make as dense as you want. Also use neon pink in between, just to give it a different shade of pink.

Here, cherry blossom painting is ready!

Was that easy to make ? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you ! 💕

Click on the link below to watch the process video. ☺️

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